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The implementation of a parametric equalizer as well as the footswitchable Clean / Overdrive mode bring another dimension of versatility to our Bluerider's proven design. See just a few examples of use below:

- as a classic overdrive pedal with great tone shaping capabilities
- as an adjustable boost pedal to set the frequency range you want your tube amp to overdrive the most
- as a standalone eq pedal (even for an acoustic guitar), etc.


True bypass On/Off Switching

Drive and Level Controls

Bass, Middle and Treble Controls:
The active 3-band tone control enables to dial a surprising variety of cool sounds. Feel free to experiment.

Note: Since the default frequency response of the eq is virtually flat, you can get the classic "TS-correct" tone using a slight middle boost.

Lead / Crunch Switch:
for classic singing tone with plenty of harmonic content;
Crunch for a cleaner sound with excellent dynamics.

Footswitchable Clean (eq only) / Overdrive Mode:
Switching the Overdrive mode off effectively bypasses the clipping circuit (disables the Drive knob and the Lead / Crunch switch) and turns the Parascreamer into a clean equalizer pedal.


Dimensions (W/D/H): 103mm x 123mm x 54mm

Battery Type: 9V x 1

AC Adapter: 9-15V DC, Negative Center (Regulated Recommended)

Input Impedance: 500k Ohm (min)

Output Impedance: 10k Ohm

Power Consumption: 12mA (9V DC)


Parascreamer - Les Paul Traditional, T500 bridge, Celestion V30
Clean (bypass) / Crunch / Lead


Parascreamer - Les Paul Traditional, T500 bridge, Celestion CL80
Clean (bypass) / Crunch / Lead



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