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We are proud to introduce the Honza "Kirk" Běhunek signature pedal that we developed to meet this Czech guitar hero's demands.
It has been derived from our Bluerider overdrive so it could be called its nastier brother. The gain structure as well as the Lead / Crunch feature remains unchanged, however the bass response is increased to suit low tunings and seven string guitars.
An apocalypse rider that knocks down the unexperienced but lets shine the blessed ones...


True bypass On/Off Switching

Drive, Tone and Level Controls

Lead / Crunch Switch:
for classic singing tone with plenty of harmonic content;
Crunch for a cleaner sound with excellent dynamics.

Note: Low Drive settings in the "Crunch" mode turn the Blackrider
into an adjustable volume boost pedal.


Dimensions (W/D/H): 70mm x 114mm x 50mm

Battery Type: 9V DC x 1

AC Adapter: 9-15V DC, Negative Center (Regulated Recommended)

Input Impedance: 500k Ohm (min)

Output Impedance: 10k Ohm

Power Consumption: 6mA (9V DC)

Blackrider - Les Paul Traditional, T500 bridge, Celestion V30
Clean (bypass) / Crunch / Lead


Blackrider - Les Paul Traditional, T500 bridge, Celestion CL80
Clean (bypass) / Crunch / Lead


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