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The most agressive pedal of our overdrive line-up has enough gain to serve up the heaviest of rock genres while retaining tremendous articulation and excellent noise-to-signal ratio.
What's more, beside a cutting hi-gain squeal there are also many other burning sounds hidden inside. Thanks to our powerful Crunch / Lead feature and a wide range of Drive and Tone controls, it can also deliver superior lower gain tones with plenty of midrange warmth required for classic rock or blues.


True bypass On/Off Switching

Drive, Tone and Level Controls

Lead / Crunch Switch:
for classic singing tone with plenty of harmonic content;
Crunch for a cleaner sound with excellent dynamics.


Dimensions (W/D/H): 70mm x 114mm x 50mm

Battery Type: 9V DC x 1

AC Adapter: 9-15V DC, Negative Center (Regulated Recommended)

Input Impedance: 500k Ohm (min)

Output Impedance: 10k Ohm

Power Consumption: 8mA (9V DC)

Firedrive - Les Paul Traditional, T500 bridge, Celestion V30
Clean (bypass) / Crunch / Lead


Firedrive - Les Paul Traditional, T500 bridge, Celestion CL80
Clean (bypass) / Crunch / Lead


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