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Auron, an all-tube three-channel head is in many respects the opposite of the ultimate four-channel Flagship. Its minimalistic controls make it easier to dial, and some players find it it also easier to play. It utilizes vintage parts and a its output transformer was developed using old-school specifications, therefore even the third channel has a distinct vintage feel, in spite of otherwise being a thoroughly modern hi-gain.


Channel 1:

Bright and Normal volume controls just work the way you would expect from an amp with its "bright" and "normal" inputs linked together. A great variety of vintage sounds can be dialed using different settings of both knobs.

Plexi mode switches the first channel's voicing from bassman-like, clean sound to a classic British clean-to-crunch range with emphasised upper mids. Set the knobs behind 12 o'clock and you get an outstanding rock'n'roll drive with plenty of harmonics.



Channel 2:

The default setting (Brown mode off) unveils an inspiration by a the legendary '800, however it disposes a little more "greasier" gain, just like the popular 80's modifications did.
The Brown mode goes much further in terms of steroids and turns the British voicing into a ballsier American sound.

Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence

Channel 3:

Don't let yourself be fooled by the vintage externals - this is a true hi-gain machine.
With the Brown mode off, it is a screamer. An 80's hairmetal shredder's wet dream.
With the Brown mode on, it is killer blowing away everything in front of it.

Brown mode on channels 2 and 3:

The term "brown sound" originated by the end of 70's to name Eddie Van Halen's unique lead sound. Later it became rather a generic expression to describe a specific distortion character. However, there is still an obvious connection with technical aspects of Van Halen's sound. Eddie used plexi Super Lead heads with some mods to increase gain and lowered supply voltage, a key feature to smooth an excessive sharpness out and to achieve the desired amount of compression.

And this is actually the same principle that Auron's Brown modes work with. Just a single touch of the toggle and the supply voltage is lowered dramatically and the gain is increased at key stages of the circuit. The working points of the tubes are changed radically and hence produce a different kind of distortion - thick, but thight, focused, but not edgy - just brown.




Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Depth

All-tube Series FX Loop with an adjustable Send Level, footswitchable

Output Volume control sets overall volume after the fx loop

Solo boost - a footswichable volume boost for solo playing

Output power control:

Switching to the triode mode lowers the amplifier's power to approx. a half. This setting also changes the overall voicing; compared to the pentode mode it is smoother, less agressive with a little more compressed dynamics. Some players dig it, the others hate it, but it is definitely worth trying.




Preamp: 4x ECC83 (12AX7)

Poweramp: 1x ECC83 (12AX7) , 2xEL34 / 50W or 2x 6550 / 70W or 2x KT88 / 90W
Note: 4x EL34 / 100W version is also available.

Dimensions (W/H/D): 700 x 260 x 260 mm


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