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Graphic interpretation - an effective range of gain of each mode and channel

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Four channels, twelve modes, channel assignable power tubes and lots of other features providing endless sound possibilites.

One of the most versatile all-tube heads ever engineered.



Channel 1 - Blue:

Clean mode - a transparent clean sound, classic fender topology with eq after the first gain stage
Fat mode - based on the Clean mode, however its enhanced mid-frequencies enable a slight overdrive
Hot mode - classic American sound that comes from a clean bluesy tone to a raw rock'n'roll crunch

Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence

Shift switch - changes the the poweramp settings to emphasize treble / reduce bass, hence shifts the presence pot's range



Channel 2 - Green:

Vintage mode - old-school crunch based on the legendary "plexi"
Brit mode - a British rock sound reminding the 80's, the era of famous JCM800's" ruling the rock music
Lead mode - a modern hi-gain sound with a British flavour

Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence

Depth switch - sets the poweramp frequency response at 3 steps:
1. flat frequency response
2. medium low-end boost
3. maximum low-end punch



Channels 3 & 4 - Orange & Red:

Rhythm mode - in terms of gain this is an almost hi-gai" mode; with its outstanding articulation it suits fast riffing the best
Lead mode - our distinctive HDR modern hi-gain with emphasis on upper mids that cuts through any mix very well
Lead+ mode - based on the Lead mode but it has a different eq contour with scooped mids and more agressive poweramp voicing; the heaviest mode of all

These hi-gain channels dispose of identical controls and features, but this is where the similarities end. They utilize separate signal paths of two completely different conceptions so that their distortion is very different too.
Channel 3 offers great articulation even at the highest gain settings, the distortion is very agressive with a lot of mid-punch.
Channel 4
spreads the distortion over a larger frequency range and creates a huge "wall of sound" with an emphasis on low frequencies that are required for modern metal genres.

Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence independent on both channels

Depth switch independent on both channels (see Channel 2 for a detailed description)



Boost - a footswichable volume boost for solo playing

Two FX Loops, tube buffered:
1) Series FX Loop
with an adjustable Send Level
2) Parallel FX Loop with an adjustable Mix Level
Both the loops can be assigned to any channel, always switched on or footswitched.

Output Volume control sets overall volume after the fx loop

Channel assignable power tubes:

There are two pairs of power tubes to switch between - EL34's and KT88's (or 6L6's). This advanced feature enables to assign different power tubes to each channel and to maximize the synergy of the preamp and the poweramp.







Preamp: 5x ECC83 (12AX7)

Poweramp: 1x ECC83 (12AX7) , 2xEL34 / 50W + 2x KT88 / 95W
Note: Also 6550's or 6L6GC's can be used, however there must be a careful selection to prevent unstable operation at approx. 500V

Dimensions (W/H/D): 700 x 260 x 260 mm


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