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HDR Amplification Tube Amp Switcher is an advanced device to switch between two different tube amplifiers using a single speaker cabinet.

The most important point about connecting two amplifiers together is to eliminate ground loops along with a consequential hum. Unlike other similar devices, our Tube Amp Switcher does NOT use any transformers and semiconductors to isolate signal grounds. Its ingenious passive design has no influence on a transmitted signal so that it can satisfy even the most demanding die-hard purists. However, despite using mechanical relays the operation is perfectly seamless and silent.


Input swiching section:
Switches the unbuffered instrument input signal between the inputs of the amplifiers.

FX loops switching section:
Enables to share effects with both of the amplifiers' fx loops.

Speaker output switching section:
The active amplifiers is connected to a speaker cabinet, whereas the inactive amplifier uses a dummy load.

Remote control jack with red / blue indicator light


Power supply: 15V DC / 200mA

Dimensions (W/D/H): 450mm x 135mm x 39mm

Also available as a 1U rackmount version.

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